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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of GTB Global Trade Berlin GmbH (Date:  March 2, 2012)

1. Application


  1. The following general terms and conditions apply to legal transactions between GTB Global Trade Berlin GmbH (GTB) and its customers especially those who do business through the webpage Responsible persons and general managers of GTB are Hans Claussen and Thomas Kopp, Sponholzstr. 30, 12159 Berlin.


2. Formation of Contract


  1. A contract is formed by the customers' placement of an order on the GTB webpage ( and by the subsequent delivery of the goods by GTB. GTB products are being sold under the brand name White Diamonds. All rights of the brand name and its related products are owned by GTB.
  2. The purchase contract comes into effect with the following entity: GTB Global Trade Berlin GmbH, Hans Claussen, Thomas Kopp, Sponholzstr. 30, 12159 Berlin.


3. Right of withdrawal


  1. If for any reason the client is not satisfied with any of the GTB products within the first moth after its purchase, goods may be returned without stating any reasons.
  2. Preconditions are:
    1. The client must return the purchased article within one month after purchase.
    2. The goods must have been purchased on
    3. The goods must be returned in its original packaging. They also need to include the original invoice.
    4. The goods must be unused and in perfect conditions.
    5. The client must pay for the delivery charge and opt for secured shipping option. The following address is to be used: Customer Service, GTB, Sponholzstr. 30, 12159 Berlin
  3. If any of the above-mentioned documents are missing, GTB reserves its right to deny acceptance of the goods and subsequent reimbursements of the purchase price.
  4. Upon reception of the goods, GTB will reimburse the client within 30 days.


4. Property Reservation and Payment


  1. Payment can be made via the payment options provided on the White Diamonds' webpage.
  2. The delivered goods remain the property of GTB until the customer has made all payments.
  3. The prices named on the product sites contain the VAT and other price components.


5. Shipping


  1. GTB product delivery is usually carried out by German Post / DHL.  
  2. If GTB receives an order via their webpage, available goods will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Goods not on stock will have longer delivery times.
  3. The delivery times are estimated 1-2 business days within Germany, 3-7 business days within Europe and in all other countries between 5-10 business days. Preconditions are:  
    1. GTB has received the client's payment.
    2. The client has provided all shipping information.
    3. The client does not have to settle any open bills.
  4. GTB endows its deliveries with an assurance of maximum 500&euro, if requested;.
  5. Express delivery is also possible but needs to be negotiated with GTB.
  6. In case delivery time is exceeded, the client needs to give GTB an appropriate grace period of usually 2 weeks.
  7. GTB will not partially ship goods, only if explicitly demanded by the customer.
  8. GTB will not be liable for late customer shipments caused by reasons outside its span of control such as late delivery of crystals provided by suppliers.


6. Product Warranty


  1. GTB produces to the highest quality standard possible. Every crystallized item is hand-refined and inspected prior to shipping. It is therefore highly unlikely that a defected product will leave the warehouse. However, GTB can neither assure nor guarantee that transportation does not cause minor damage to products. If the client detects product defaults he/she is asked to contact GTB within a time period of 10 days upon receipt of goods. Point of contact is
  2. GTB warrants to the original purchaser that the product will be free from defects in materials for a period of 2 years after purchase from the webpage Preconditions for warranty claims:
  3. The client still possesses the original and intact invoice document.
  4. The defect product is not result of misuse, misconduct, accident and the likes.
  5. Prior to returning the good(s), the client gets in touch with and explicitly states the reason for return.
  6. Upon reception of the clients email, GTB will answer with further details on how the return process will be handled.


7. Characteristics of product


  1. GTB refines diverse products with crystals from Swarovski® through a specialized manufacturing process. These products can either derive from GTB stock or can be supplied by the customer. The process may permanently change the products' substance and outer appearance, especially through the usage of adhesives and crystal elements.
  2. The refining process can furthermore lead to a reduction in the surface ability to absorb shocks and impacts.  In addition, it can lead to annulations of the producer's product warranty and it is possible that some of the products functionalities might be restricted. GTB therefore explicitly advises the customer that the refinement process might lead to the limitation of certain product features. These potential limitations can therefore not be regarded as a defective performance by GTB.  


8. Copy rights & right of use


  1. All copyrights, including those in design patterns, drafts and other art creations remain property of GTB. Without prior consent, creative objects and the likes cannot be used for commercial or industrial use.
  2. GTB reserves the right to use copies of individually crafted objects for commercial and marketing purposes. Parts of these objects are also custom-made designs for clients. All content and designs depicted on remain intellectual property of GTB. Contributions by third parties will be declared as such. Downloads or copies from the webpage are solely for private use.


9. Data protection and storage


  1. All client data is saved according to the German data protection act. Please refer to GTB imprint for more information.
  2. GTB stores every order data entered for a minimum period of 2 years.